All OEC C-Arms are refurbished; recertified pre-owned with full warranty for capital investment savings. 

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Excellent image quality at a fraction of the price

6800 Specs

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Durability, Versatility, and Excellence in image quality

The GE OEC 9600 C-Arm is known for its durability, versatility and excellent image quality. The OEC 9600 has been a staple in pain management centers worldwide, but can also be used for Orthopedics, Vascular and Neurovascular applications. There is also a Cardiac Super ‘C’ version of the OEC 9600 which is quite rare and is equipped with a special single leaf collimator for such applications



Dual 16-inch high resolution square monitors.
4.0 kW generator.
Rotating anode x-ray tube.
Iris collimation with dual opposing shutters.
High resolution CCD camera.
Fluoroscopy and Pulsed Fluoroscopy modes.
Pulse Fluorography mode.
Modules for expansion.

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The Definition of Superb Image Quality

The 9800 Plus – The Definition of Superb Image Quality
The penetrating power of the 9800 Plus’ 15kW rotating anode

X-ray tube, coupled with the tube cooling system and small focal

spot, has enabled dense anatomy penetration with ease for many

years. The proven design facilitates longer fluoro on time – so you

can obtain a superb image in almost any situation.

OEC technology makes the 9800 Plus a master at
compensating for your common imaging challenges.

When metal is introduced in the X-ray field, Smart
intuitively adjusts brightness and contrast to im
prove the quality of your images.

Smart Window dynamically senses the collimator
position and automatically optimizes your image to

be clear and precise.

During live fluoro, Auto Trak detects the subject
anatomy – even if it’s moving – and reduces dark

images and burnout while stabilizing the image.

VersatilityA fixture in many ER, OR, ICU, Pain Management
and Outpatient settings, the 9800 is your

multi-purpose workhorse.

Use in a variety of cases. The 9800 Plus produces superb quality im
ages with ease in Orthopedic, General, Pain Management, Spine and

even Peripheral Vascular procedures.

Pick the “C” you want. Choose the best C-arm configuration – 9”, 12”
or Super C – that will meet your specific clinical needs.

Precise positioning. Only OEC’s SmartView pivot joint, allows the
C-arm to move freely off axis and into the precise angle you need

even in tight spaces. The Super C offers 55 degrees overscan to

achieve those steep angle images

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9900 Elite

Designed to enhance surgical efficiency

The Elite’s image processing power is 100 times greater than older OEC C-Arm models, utilizing Dynamic Range Management. It is capable of producing 1k x 1k high-resolution images. 

Renowned imaging quality

  • Enhanced planning with Live Zoom, Digital Pen, measurements and annotations
  • Automatic imaging profiles, including General HD, help accentuate critical anatomy
  • TrueView low-profile X-ray tube housing allows the detector to be closer to the anatomy creating up to a 22% larger field of view**

Enhanced user experience

  • 32″ UHD 4K monitor that extends up to 27″ for easy surgeon viewing
  • Easy C-arm maneuverability requires 30% less force to steer*
  • Simplified user interface with fewer clicks and more active icons*
  • Lightweight workstation with SmartConnect

Intelligent Dose Control

  • More default settings for procedure or user preference*
  • Six dose control options that can be used alone or in various combinations: Digital Spot, Digital Cine Pulse, High Level Fluoroscopy, Standard Fluoroscopy, Low Dose, and Pulse

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