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Go Recertified… Go GREENER!

Choosing recertified medical equipment from Smart Choice Medical USA is a smart, sustainable decision that benefits both your budget and the environment. Medical equipment production demands significant energy, generates waste, and involves hazardous processes. By opting for recertified pre-owned medical equipment, you contribute to the reutilization of most original materials, drastically reducing the need for new resources. Unused materials are responsibly sent to local scrap yards for recycling, ensuring they are reintroduced into the market as raw materials.

Feel proud knowing you are helping to reduce toxic emissions and lower the overall carbon footprint. Our meticulous refurbishing process restores equipment to OEM specifications, making it suitable for various facilities, including grant-funded research labs, medical mission projects, clinics, pre/post-exam offices, outpatient settings, hospitals, and medical centers.

Facilities that have embraced recertified equipment recognize it as a win-win solution—not only for environmental sustainability but also for significant cost savings. Recertified equipment often saves 50% or more compared to new purchases, a crucial advantage in today’s economy where every dollar counts.

Thank you for trusting Smart Choice Medical USA to provide the best solutions for your essential equipment needs!